Wade Hampton Hamilton was the first child of Scarlett O'Hara.


Wade Hamilton was born in 1862, after his father, Charles Hamilton, died in 1861 of the measles. Scarlett goes to Atlanta, and Wade accompanies her. Like any young child, Wade whines. During the siege, he and Prissy are terrified by all of the gunshots, and scream and cry. In 1864, he and his mother escape Atlanta with Rhett Butler, his future stepfather.

In 1866, Ella Kennedy is born, after Scarlett married Frank Kennedy, becoming Wade's half-sister. That year, Frank Kennedy was killed avenging an attack made upon Scarlett. Scarlett later married Rhett. In 1869, Bonnie Butler is born, becoming Wade's younger half-sister.

By the end of the book, he is 12 years old.


Wade is shy, especially around his mother. He appears as scared of his mother.


Scarlett O' Hara (Mother)

Charles Hamilton (Father)

Frank Kennedy (Stepfather)

Rhett Butler (Second Stepfather)

Ella Kennedy (Half sister)

Bonnie Butler (Half sister)

Ellen O'Hara (Grandmother)

Gerald O'Hara (Grandfather)

Melanie Hamilton (Aunt)

Suellen O'Hara (Aunt)

Carreen O'Hara (Aunt)

Ashley Wilkes (Uncle)

India Wilkes (Aunt)

Honey Wilkes (Aunt)

Will Benteen (Uncle)

Susie Benteen (Cousin)

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