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Sarah Jane "Pittypat" Hamilton (1801) is the biological aunt of Melanie Wilkes and Charles Hamilton, and by marriage to Ashley Wilkes and Scarlett O'Hara. She is most often referred to as 'Aunt Pitty' or 'Miss Pitty'. She is also one of the leaders of Atlanta society, with Caroline Meade and Dolly Merriwether.

In the film, she is portrayed by Laura Hope Crews.


Pittypat was born Sarah Jane Hamilton in 1801, but was given her nickname by her father as a small child because of the pittypatting sound of her small feet on the stairs, and it remained with her for the rest of her life. Upon the death of her brother, Col. William R. Hamilton, she became the legal guardian of her niece and nephew.

Pittypat is known to be a silly, innocent and rather helpless person, beloved by Atlanta society and exposed to nothing that might shock her sensibilities. She is prone to swooning at the least sign of excitement, though this is more pretense than actual weakness of heart.

Her surviving brother, Henry Hamilton, holds charge of her estate and remains on very poor terms with his sister, having no patience for 'feminine timidities and vaporings'. Her monthly allowance is provided directly from him, and the collection of this is the only direct interaction that the two generally have.

Most of her home and care is managed by Uncle Peter, a loyal slave (he later remains with her as a free man) who had served with Col. Hamilton during the Mexican-American War.

Although her home is generally referred to as 'Miss Pitty's house', it is in fact owned in joint by Melanie and Charles (willed to his wife Scarlett O'Hara at his death). Melanie and Scarlett reside with her for the majority of the war, and after their marriage, Scarlett returns with her second husband Frank Kennedy to live in the home.

When Scarlett marries the controversial Rhett Butler only Aunt Pitty, Uncle Henry, Ashley and Melanie are loyal enough to visit her at Butler House.


  • Her poor health may be a result of the Hamilton and Wilkes' tradition of inbreeding, which also affected her nephew Charles and niece Melanie, as suggested by Beatrice Tarleton.
  • Pittypat is one of the three main characters known by their nicknames. The others are Honey Wilkes and Bonnie Butler.