Frank Kennedy was the second husband of Scarlett O' Hara and the father of Wade Hampton Hamilton and Ella Lorena Kennedy. In the 1939 film Gone With the Wind, he is played by Caroll Nye.


Early Years

Frank Kennedy first appears at the barbecue at Twelve Oaks. He is a beau of Suellen, and he starts to consider marrying her. Frank Kennedy goes off to fight in 1861. He survives, coming back in 1865.

Later Years and Marrying Scarlett

Desperate to get money for her survival, Scarlett decides to try to marry Frank, lying about Suellen, saying she was engaged to another man. And so, in 1866, Frank married her. He at first thought that Scarlett was a helpless lady who wanted attention, but he would soon find out that this was not true.

Frank had started a store, and in the movie, when Scarlett comes back to Atlanta, Frank mentions that he had pulled in a thousand dollars. Scarlett didn't like the way he was running it, and when he became ill, she took hold of the store. Frank is shocked. 

A Father

Frank wanted Scarlett to have a child, to make her unable to run the mill. So, Ella Lorena Kennedy was born.


Scarlett goes off to a lumber mill, despite warnings not to go. She is attacked, therefore, Frank and a few other men want to avenge her. They attack the shantytown in the forrest, and a couple of men were killed. While Ashley was shot in the shoulder, Frank was shot in the head. Killed.

Rhett: Shot in the head. Dead.

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