Note: The romances in Gone With the Wind like Scarlett and Rhett along with Ashley and Melanie are quite memorable, but the romance of Carreen and Brent is commonly forgotten. I take it upon myself to retell the story.

In the 1861 barbecue of Twelve Oaks, Scarlett told her younger sister, thirteen year old Carreen, that Brent might like her.


-Carreen 'O Hara

And so, Carreen made it her quest to be in love with Brent Tarleton. It is mentioned when Scarlett and Carreen visit the Tarleton residence after the war that Carreen and Brent were engaged the day before he left off to battle.

In 1863, Brent was killed in the Battle of Gettysburg, and Carreen never recovered, and for the rest of the book was filled with grief.

"Each day Carreen became more immersed in her prayer book."

When they visit the Tarleton residence, Scarlett thinks about what a bunch of fools the Tarleton's are to spend so much money on the gravestones. But Carreen sees it differently.

"Isn't it beautiful?"

-Carreen 'O Hara

In 1866, Carreen joins a convent, and after that her life is never mentioned.

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